Administrative communication (E-Correspondence)

Organizing and following received mails, organizing and sending mails to the competent departments, organizing archives to restore and benefit from them easily, and saving sent and received mails.

Receiving teaching staff members and employees and the other officials  (reviewers),providing them with the information related to their tasks and coordinating this with the departments of the administration.

-Preparing periodic report, involving accurate statistics of  sent and received correspondences, performance rates  related to processing received correspondences and problems faced administrative communications and the officials,  on works of administrative communications.

-Creating and developing  a plan concerning organizing archives.

- Conducting any tasks relevant to the area of specialization.   

Received Mail

1-Receiving all correspondences.

2-Registering contents of the received correspondences according to the system of administrative communications.

3-Printing poster and numerating received correspondences.

4-Sending  received correspondences to the competent departments.

5-Distributing received circulars.

Sent Mail

1-Receiving all sent correspondences.

2-Registering contents of sent correspondences according to the system of administrative communications.

3-Printing poster and numerating sent correspondences.

4-Taking rapid actions to send correspondences to the competent departments in and out of the University.

5-Registering and sending all decrees.


Processing daily mail.

Receiving daily mail.

Submitting daily mail to the general manager.

Submitting mail to each competent authority.

Processing Telephone Calls

Receiving telephone calls.

Identifying the caller and purpose of the call.

Connecting calls to the competent authority.

Making the manger's required calls.

Preparing Correspondences

Printing correspondences after editing.

Sending correspondences to administrative communication.

Organizing Meetings

Inviting participants.

Welcoming participants.

Organizing General Manager's Schedule

Registering visitors' data.

Preparing required data.

Welcoming Auditors

Welcoming auditors.

Taking appropriate actions according to the purpose of auditing.

Follow-up General Manger's works

Defining topics that need follow-up.

Taking actions appropriate for topics follow-up.

Coordination essential for  obtaining  the administration requirements.

Preparing requirements of stationary items essential for the general manager office.

Preparing maintenance and malfunction notification relevant to general manager office.

Conducting other tasks relevant to the area of specialization.


Administration of Documents, Records and Files

-Keeping each Saudi Arabian and contractee employees  a specific file involving  all decrees, letters and correspondences .

-Creating and distinguishing files for  Saudi Arabian and contractee employees.

-Arranging all files according to the traditional cataloguing .

-Sending the  files of the individuals who were transferred from the university.

- Photocopying and preparing documents of appointment and contract to be sent to the Ministry of Civil Service.

-Inserting data of  the University employees in the program.

-Preparing the employees work cards .